TrendPatent is brand new marketing research, product development and market launch tool

TrendPatent is not a single idea or just a patent or a product.

TrendPatent explores the mainstream needs and desires.

We are a team of specialists that tracks down or designs important trends and implements them from the idea to the finished product.

We will develop a bullet proof marketing concept and will implement this in an efficient and effective way to our markets.


We will invest in a number of different trends. Here we are absolutely free of certain business fields in which we would invest. We have the ability to use these trends and patents or to develop similar forms ourselves through our own market research of our marketing unit.

This enables us to act very flexible and fast. Trends can be identified and then exploited pretty early.

These will be the opportunities we can respond to because we are independent and flexible.

Kai Klinkenberg
Product development

Graphic and design, product development and patent drafts

Olaf Starke
Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO

Lutz Pichler
Asia Expert

Asia Expert for Import/Export, purchase and negotiations in Asia

Kurt Rosenow

Consulting, participation and contract settlement

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